Texas Holdem Calculator

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Directions Directions

1. Enter 2-10 starting hands.

2. The highlighted card shows you which card is selected.

3. Enter 0, 3 or 4 community cards.

4. Click Submit.

The calculations will be done on the server. Then Win, Lose and Tie percentages for each hand will be returned.

Info Info

Poker odds calculators are excellent tools for improving your game. Developing a sense for starting hand match ups can make you a much stronger player. Recognizing coin flip situations is just the beginning, though. The real value comes when you see how hands change with 2 or more opponents.

For example, try these hands (all offsuit): A9 versus 76 versus JT. Notice how the JT is actually ahead about 5% over the A9. Those kinds of unintuitive pieces of strategy are very useful, particularly for your short-handed and tourney final table play.

Calculate Method Stats

There are two ways that odds calculators crunch the numbers -- Monte Carlo algorithms and enumerations. The Monte Carlo way basically runs through test hands many times, say 250k or more, and then averages the results. That gives "good enough" results. Complex things which are hard or expensive to calculate often use this method. Enumeration means the system will loop through every possible option and then tally the results, which is exact then. Our calculator uses enumeration on the servers, so you get exact results and it's fast.